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Why is Air Flow Reduced on my Air Conditioner?

Monday, August 31st, 2015

It’s a subtle problem, but one that becomes increasingly hard to ignore. You turn on your air conditioner and the air comes out as cool as you could hope for, but the air isn’t blowing as hard as it should, and may be barely blowing at all. That’s a significant concern, as much as an air conditioner that can’t create any cool air. And with the late summer heat kicking in right on cue here in Los Angeles, CA, it can cost you a huge amount in unnecessary energy bills as your system works harder than it should to get the cool air into your home. The causes of low air flow are varied, but often boil down to one of the following:

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Dehumidifiers: Your Air Conditioner’s Best Friend

Monday, August 24th, 2015

We normally think of Southern California as a dry area and it usually is. But as this summer has shown us, high humidity can reach up and bite us when we least suspect it. Excessive mugginess is a problem because it prevents the sweat from evaporating off of our skin: our body’s primary way of keeping cool. That makes the air feel hotter than it actually is, which can spell big problems for your air conditioner if you’re not careful. A dehumidifier could be the answer, not only by improving your indoor air quality but by easing the burden on your air conditioner at the same time. Here’s why dehumidifiers can be your air conditioner’s best friend.

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3 Reasons to Get Air Conditioning Repair Now

Monday, August 17th, 2015

We’re sitting in the height of summer now, with temperatures in Los Angeles, CA hitting triple digits and our air conditioners called upon to respond every day. When serious trouble hits, you need to call in a service technician to get it fixed immediately. But what about trouble of a less serious nature? What happens if the air conditioner makes odd noises or reduces its cooling output somewhat, but still seems to function? There’s a temptation here in the late summer months to ride it out: to wait until temperatures fall and then get the system looked at. In almost every case, this is a terrible idea. Here are 3 reasons to get air conditioning repair now instead of waiting for the weather to cool down.

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3 Facts about SEER Ratings That You Should Know

Monday, August 10th, 2015

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you’ve probably run across the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a way of determining how well an air conditioner cools your home: measuring the cooling power generated by the system against the energy it consumes in the process. That’s a fairly big deal here in Los Angeles, CA, where air conditioners run constantly in the summertime and high efficiency models can save you a great deal in monthly costs. As you weigh your options for a new air conditioner, here are 3 facts about SEER ratings that you should know.

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What’s So Important About Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

No one likes to think about air conditioning malfunctions, especially in the summer here in Los Angeles, CA. A good repair technician can usually fix problems promptly, ensuring that your air conditioner stays working during the worst of the summer heatwaves. But you can actually prevent a number of repair issues simply by scheduling an air conditioning maintenance session, ideally at least once or twice a year. What’s so important about air conditioning maintenance? Besides lowering the risk of a repair session, it also helps your air conditioner perform more efficiently, lowering your monthly energy bill in the process.

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3 Possible Causes of a Short-Cycling Air Conditioner

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

The term “short cycling” refers to an air conditioner that turns on and off again very quickly multiple times throughout the day. This is a considerable problem. Air conditioners use far more energy starting up and shutting down than they do when they’re just running. Besides creating higher bills, short cycling increases wear and tear on the system, making it more likely to suffer major damage in the near future. Short cycling can have many causes, and here in Los Angeles, CA, you should consult with a trained technician if you notice your air conditioner starting and stopping excessively often.  We’ve listed 3 possible causes of a short-cycling air conditioner to give you a sense of how the problem starts.

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