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Be Careful of Pouring These Foods Down the Drain

Monday, November 28th, 2016

The holidays mean lots of gatherings, lots of friends and family, and lots of cooking. As we get closer to Christmas, you’re apt to be using your kitchen a lot in the next few weeks. But in your hustle and bustle to prepare the perfect meal, keep an eye out for foods that should not go down the drain. They can result in stubborn clogs or even damage your garbage disposal if you aren’t careful. We see a lot of repair calls caused by the wrong foods here in Thousand Oaks, CA, and we firmly believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Here’s a list of foods you should toss in the regular trash instead of down the kitchen drain.

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Is Your Heater Suffering from Reduced Air Flow?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Most homes in the greater Los Angeles, CA area rely on forced-air furnaces to generate heat in the winter. These systems use gas burners or electric coils to heat the air in their chamber, then blow the air through the ducts into your home. It’s a safe and reliable system, but it can encounter trouble from time to time, like any system. And that can include a reduced air flow from the vents.

The furnace could be functioning exactly as needed, but if the air doesn’t get where it needs to go, it’s going to cause some serious problems. The causes are usually fairly simple — a problem with the fan motor, bent fan blades or some manner of blockage in the vents themselves — but unless those problems are identified by a trained technician and corrected, it could add up to a very expensive repair.

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How Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Help You?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

A heat recovery ventilator and its cousin, the energy recovery ventilator, are designed to improve your home’s efficiency in the winter and save you money. Most homes in the Torrance, CA area lack adequate insulation,¬†owing to our hot summers and mild winters. An HRV or ERV can be a great way to help make up that difference without the difficulty of installing new insulation in your home. Here’s how it works.

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How to Respond to a Heating Problem

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The good news about living in Burbank, CA and other towns in Southern California, is that a heating problem rarely proves a disaster. Unlike the East Coast, where a broken heater can be actively dangerous in cold weather, we can usually get through by dressing warmly and keeping an eye on the elderly and similarly vulnerable residents.

But what’s the proper procedure for responding to a heating problem? Only a trained technician can diagnose and correct the specific problem, but you can do a great deal to help out your own cause in the interim.

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3 Advantages of Commercial IAQ Products

Monday, November 7th, 2016

IAQ stands for “indoor air quality,” and it can be as important to your commercial operations as the heating and air conditioning system. Here in Thousand Oaks, CA, there’s so much more to making your business space work than providing a comfortable temperature. Fluctuating humidity levels, dust and dirt in the air, and the presence of biological contaminants like germs and mold can all wreak havoc with your operations.

The timely installation of an indoor air quality devices can make life easier for you in a number of ways, and with the right team on your side, you can select the types of device that best suit your needs. Here’s a quick list of 3 ways installing an IAQ unit can help your business.

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