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Why Install a Heat Pump?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Winter has arrived in Burbank, CA, and if you’re looking at replacing your HVAC system, now is actually a very good time. Our cold weather never gets that cold in sunny Southern California, and replacing an old air conditioner – or even a heater – is rarely an emergency.  That gives you the time to make a duly-considered solution, which might include an alternative to the more traditional models of heating and air conditioning. Heat pumps, in particular, do quite well in climates like ours, and if you need a new system, this might be an ideal solution to your HVAC problems.

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Improve the Efficiency of Your Heater

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

We don’t think about our heaters nearly as often as we do our air conditioning systems here in the Los Angeles, CA area. Winters are so mild here that our heaters rarely get a serious workout, and heating bills tend to be very low when compared with other parts of the country. That doesn’t mean we should pay more than necessary for reliable heating, however.  You can take steps to improve the efficiency of your heater, which will not only lower those monthly bills, but can help prevent wear and tear on your system too. Here are a few suggestions on the best ways to do that.

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Cut Down on Energy Bills with an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Thousand Oaks, CA is a warm city, like most of Southern California, and we don’t tend to worry much about heating bills getting too high. That doesn’t mean you should pay more than is necessary to keep your heater running, however, or that you shouldn’t take advantage of upgrades to the system to help improve its function. For homeowners looking for such upgrades, we strongly recommend an energy recovery ventilator, which is placed in your attic and can help you save money in the summer just as much as the winter.

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How Does Dry Air Affect Your Home?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

It’s easy to forget that Southern California is basically a desert, and that dry air still affects towns like Torrance, CA in ways we don’t always acknowledge. Temperature control is usually the name of the game in household comfort: keeping our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But dry air can be a much bigger problem this season than cool air. Our winter temperatures are quite mild, but low humidity levels are a problem you can’t always ignore.

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Check Your Vents to Find Problems with Your Heater

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Most heating systems in the Burbank, CA area are forced-air furnaces, which generate heat from a centralized locale and then blow it into your home with a system of ducts. It’s a simple and effective way to keep your home warm in a mild climate like ours. Moreover, by checking the vents periodically, you can spot the signs of a problem with your heater. And while only a trained professional can diagnose an issue accurately, you can give yourself a leg up by checking the vents and looking for any of the following issues:

Strange Noises

Strange noises mean anything that you don’t normally associate with the normal functioning of your system: groans, hums, whistles or any other unusual sound. They tend to carry through the ducts, which means you can often hear them if you listen at the vents. Strange noises tend to start and stop in sync with the starting and stopping of your furnace.

Low Air Flow

Low air flow can be caused by breaches in the ducts, a clog or blockage, or a problem with the fan motor, among other issues. It lowers the system’s efficiency, and the hot air sitting in your furnace can cause components to overheat.

Low Heat Levels

Sometimes, the air flow can be just fine, but the air feels cooler than you might expect. This usually means a problem with the burners or some kind of breach that introduces cool air into the system. This can cause the same problems that reduced air flow does: adding strain to your system, which raises the possibility of a breakdown somewhere else (as well as causing your monthly bills to spike).

If you notice anything odd about the air coming out of your vents, shut the system off and call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating right away!

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