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  • Key Upgrades Can Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

    We’re only in mid-May here in Torrance, CA and already our air conditioners have been put to the test: keeping our So Cal heat at bay and letting us enjoy a cool, comfortable home. That comfort comes at a price, however, with higher bills every month reflecting the energy spent to keep the high temperatures in check. Those bills will only get higher as spring turns to summer, but you can keep them low with the addition of a few upgrades to your system. Now is the perfect time to install such upgrades, before the heat truly kicks in around here. We’ve provided a quick list of  a couple of key upgrades to your air conditioner that can help your system and your bottom line alike.

    Zone Control Systems

    We recommend zone control systems for larger houses or those that could benefit from greater fine tuning from their air conditioners. The system installs a series of shutters in the ducts, dividing your home by room or section. The shutters operate independently of each other, with separate thermostats and control panels for each. That lets you alter the temperature in each room or section individually, and more importantly, to shut off the air in unused parts of the house. That reduces strain on your system and helps lower your monthly bills accordingly.

    Smart Thermostats

    If you have an older digital thermostat, you might consider upgrading it to a modern smart thermostats. The programming on more modern system allow it to automatically make adjustments to the temperature based on your habits and the specific conditions outside. That in turn helps your air conditioner use less energy and keeps your monthly budget where it’s supposed to be.

    The professionals at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating can install and repair upgrades like these to your system. Contact us today to learn more!

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