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  • Comparing Gas and Electric Furnaces

    Like most of Southern California, Burbank residences tend to rely on forced-air furnaces for heat. They’re simple and efficient, able to do the job in our mild climate without a lot of energy being expended.

    Furnaces are further divided into two basic categories: gas furnaces and electric furnaces, denoting the fuel source they use for heat. Both models tend to have benefits and drawbacks If you’re looking to replace your furnace — either in the spring or sooner — it pays to understand the benefits and the drawbacks.

    Gas Furnaces

    Gas furnaces use natural gas piped in from a civic source in most cases, feeding burners that warm the air through a heat exchange. They usually cost more to install than electric furnaces, but operating costs from month to month tend to be lower (since natural gas is cheaper than electricity).

    They tend to work more quickly as well, and do better in especially cold weather than electric models. On the downside, they suffer breakdowns more often than electric models — proper maintenance is a very good idea — and they don’t always last as long as electric models do.

    Electric Furnaces

    Electric furnaces don’t cost as much to install, and since they don’t require a connection to a civic gas line, they are easier choices for rural homes or those similarly off the grid. They also tend to last much longer and they don’t require as much upkeep as gas-fed furnaces do.

    There’s no chance of a gas leak with electric models either. On the other hand, they cost much more to run from month to month, and they don’t do quite as well when the weather gets extremely cold (as it can do in the evenings this time of year).

    For quality furnace replacement services in the greater LA area, trust AZ Air Conditioning and Heating.

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