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  • Improve the Efficiency of Your Heater

    We don’t think about our heaters nearly as often as we do our air conditioning systems here in the Los Angeles, CA area. Winters are so mild here that our heaters rarely get a serious workout, and heating bills tend to be very low when compared with other parts of the country. That doesn’t mean we should pay more than necessary for reliable heating, however.  You can take steps to improve the efficiency of your heater, which will not only lower those monthly bills, but can help prevent wear and tear on your system too. Here are a few suggestions on the best ways to do that.


    Most homes in Southern California could use more insulation, which helps retain warm air and ease the burden on your heater. Insulation can help you in the summer too: keeping hot air outside just as easily as it keeps warm air inside.

    Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Energy recovery ventilators and heat recovery ventilators (or ERVs and HRVs) are placed in the attic of your home, and swap the stale air inside for fresh air outside. A heat exchanger ensures that the incoming air stays as warm or as cool as the outgoing air. That has the effect of easing the strain on your heater (and in the case of ERVs, your air conditioner in the summer), and allows you to refresh the air in your home without losing the warmth it’s worked so hard to generate.


    Thermostats can work for decades without needing replacement, but if you’ve had yours for a while, you may have missed some of the developments in the field. New smart thermostats can make automatic adjustments based on the current weather, and/or allow you to turn them on and off remotely with an app on your phone.

    If any of these sound like good fits for your home, call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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