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  • Time to Prepare Your Heater for the Fall

    Summer has a way of lasting well into October here in Los Angeles, CA, but we just had our first noticeable rainfall of the year, and while you may not need your heating system on a regular basis just yet, now is the time to start preparing your system for the winter.

    This makes an excellent time because temperatures are still reasonably warm and you’ll have plenty of time to address any problems that arise without having to scramble or rearrange your schedule. That way, your heater will be ready to go when you need it. This is especially important if you have an older heater, or one that you’d like to see perform a little more efficiently this fall. Here’s a quick list of some steps you can take.

    Get a Maintenance Session

    A maintenance session from a trained technician will allow you to spot any growing problems before they have a chance to surprise you. In addition, the technician will unclog the burners, change the filter and perform other little steps that will maximize efficiency and help your system work without costing you quite as much in those monthly bills.

    Clear The Debris

    Your heating system should have a space of about two feet clear of clutter on all sides. In addition, check the exhaust flue and any other key vents and make sure they’re clear and functioning as they should.


    We don’t think much about winterizing our homes here in Southern California because temperatures are so mild, but a few simple steps can do a great deal to ease the strain on your system. Use weather stripping to seal cracks around windows and doors, and think about adding insulation to your attic if you can.

    The pros at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating can perform quality maintenance on your heater.

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