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  • Which Homes Are Right for Ductless Heating Systems?

    Homes in the Thousand Oaks area come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one home might not work for another.  Accordingly, you need to think carefully about the kind of HVAC system your home uses.

    Most of us are accustomed to traditional centralized heating and air, in which a single unit generate hot air or cool which, then blows it through the ducts into your home. It’s an efficient system, but it’s not the only one out there, and another type may actually serve your home better.

    In particular, ductless heating systems can benefit a number of homes which might not be well-suited to central air. Ductless systems essentially divide your home by sections – often by room, but not always – then install a single unit to each section.

    This allows you to raise or lower the temperature in different rooms separately, and shut off the heat in rooms that aren’t being occupied. It provides unparalleled control, as well as helping you save money by only heating the parts of the home you need. That can theoretically benefit any home, but in particular, the following homes tend to work well for ductless systems:

    • Older homes built before the advent of air conditioning, which lack the capacity to support a system of ducts.
    • Homes with unique architecture that similarly make ducts impossible.
    • Larger homes with multiple floors or occupants.
    • Homes that struggle with high heating or air conditioning bills.
    • Homes that house multiple occupants with separate living sections, such as hospices and boarding houses.
    • Homes that want a little luxury by tailoring different temperatures to different rooms.

    If you own such a home, or you’re looking for an alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems, then a ductless system may be right for you.

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