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  • 3 Home Improvement Options for the Fall

    Warm weather continues here in Torrance, CA, but as September moves into October, milder temperatures will soon be on your way. This makes a great opportunity for you to assess the current state of your home, and determine is any improvements are needed. Additions to your household can hep make the home more energy efficient, as well as easing the burden on your heater, air conditioner and even your plumbing. Best of all, they can be installed very easily by friendly professionals without disrupting the other key components in your home. Here’s a quick list of some for you to consider.

    • Insulation. Many homes in Southern California lack proper insulation, since it’s considered most effective during winter, which is pretty mild around here. But that doesn’t discount the savings you can still enjoy, and since insulation works to keep cool air inside in the summer, it can pay big dividends all year.
    • Air Filters. Your heating and air conditioning system comes equipped with basic filters, that need to be changed every 1-3 months in order to do their jobs. A whole-house air purifier, on the other hand, is extremely efficient, and can handle a much higher workload than simple filters. They also help keep heating and air conditioning units
    • Zone Control Systems. A zone control system is a series of shutters placed in your ducts, which lets your control the heating and air conditioning individually, room by room. That lets you set different temperatures in different rooms, and even run the heat or cool air in one part of the home and turn it off in the others (saving you a great deal on monthly energy costs).

    If any of these sound like good options for your home, call the pros at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating today for a consultation!


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