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  • Insulation Is a Boon for Winter and Summer Alike

    We rarely think about insulation for our homes in Southern California, especially in towns like Thousand Oaks, CA where summers are long and hot. Insulation is generally considered useful for winters only, and with our winters being so mild, a number of homes in the area lack proper insulation.

    Now is the time to add more, not only because winter is coming, but because it can pay equally huge dividends in the summer. Here’s how.

    The Purpose of Insulation

    Insulation is intended to maintainĀ the temperature in the household, without losing it. That’s part of why insulation is placed in the attic, since hot air rises, and the presence of insulation canĀ keep it from being lost. Insulation slows the conduction of heat through it, which is why it’s often made of fiberglass or similar materials that slow the flow of heat.

    The more insulation, the slower the heat travels through it and the more readily your household can retain the temperature that your heating system works so hard to produce. As a result, monthly bills are lowered and the heating system experiences a lot less strain (making it less likely to suffer a breakdown).

    Summer as Well as Winter

    What most people fail to understand about insulation is that the process of heat transfer goes both ways. In other words, hot air coming into your home is slowed by the insulation just as much as hot air leaving your home.

    Adding more insulation to your home will do more than protect it during the winter. It could make a huge difference in summer cooling bills as well. Adding more now means you’ll be ready to go not only for this winter, but with the hot summer days to follow.

    AZ Air Conditioning and Heating handles insulation services throughout Southern California.


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