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  • Insulation Isn’t Just for the Winter

    Summers can be truly brutal here in Thousand Oaks, CA, and because of that, we tend to rely on our air conditioners to see us through. But you can help your air conditioner a great deal simply by looking at other aspects of your household, and whether they can be improved. In particular, there’s the question of insulation. We don’t usually have a lot of insulation in our homes in Southern California because our winters are so mild. But insulation isn’t just for the winter, and by adding more, you could easily help your air conditioner do it’s job more effectively.

    How it Works

    Insulation comes in many forms, though most of us are used to fiberglass information which can be unrolled and installed in our walls and attics. Other types of insulation include foamboard, Polystyrene, and even loose “chips” on insulation material stacked in your walls It works by slowing the flow of heat through it: conductive heat, specifically, which is the kind of heat that passes through solid materials. The R value of your insulation measures how effectively the insulation blocks the flow of heat through it.

    Summer as Well as Winter

    The advantages of insulation in the wintertime are obvious, since a well-insulated home can retain heat much more easily than one without. What most people fail to understand, however, is that insulation’s qualities work in both directions, which means a well-insulated home can keep outside heat from getting in just as easily as inside heat getting out. That means that the cool air created by your air conditioner will stay cooler for much longer, lowering the strain on your system and allowing it to perform its job without using quite so much energy.

    AZ Air Conditioning and Heating can install insulation in your home this summer, helping you stay cool!

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