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Cut Down on Energy Bills with an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Thousand Oaks, CA is a warm city, like most of Southern California, and we don’t tend to worry much about heating bills getting too high. That doesn’t mean you should pay more than is necessary to keep your heater running, however, or that you shouldn’t take advantage of upgrades to the system to help improve its function. For homeowners looking for such upgrades, we strongly recommend an energy recovery ventilator, which is placed in your attic and can help you save money in the summer just as much as the winter.

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The Advantages of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Monday, August 15th, 2016

August is an excellent time to take stock of your air conditioning system here in Thousand Oaks, CA, with temperatures still soaring and months of regular use behind it. Your monthly bills are likely quite high and while the air conditioner itself may still have plenty of life left within it, you might want to consider an upgrade to help it do its job better. In those cases, we cannot recommend an energy recovery ventilator more highly. What is an ERV and how can it help you defeat those pesky bills? Read on for the answers.

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Install an Energy Recovery Ventilator Before Summer Hits

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Spring is here, and Simi Valley, CA has already experienced its share of hot weather. Before long, summer will hit us with its triple digit temperatures, and while a good air conditioning can keep your house cool, that comfort will come with a huge price in monthly bills. You may be searching for a way to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, in which case we strongly suggest installing an energy recovery ventilator (or ERV) in your attic. Doing so now makes a lot of sense, since it will be in place and ready to go before the summer begins in earnest.

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Lower Your Energy Bills with an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Homeowners are always looking out for the bottom line, and that’s no different here in Los Angeles, CA than anywhere else. When it comes to heating and air conditioning systems, you can save a great deal of money simply by helping your home be more energy efficient. An energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, is a perfect way to do that. When installed in your attic or similar location by a trained professional, it can improve your HVAC system’s performance and put money back into your pock in the process. Here’s how an ERV can lower your energy bills.

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Stop Formicary Corrosion in Your Air Conditioner

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

We live in Los Angeles, CA, which means that ants are an unfortunate way of life. We can kill them fairly easily, but they always come back, ready for more. This can affect your home in ways you might not have anticipated. For example, the issue of formicary corrosion can affect the copper tubing in your air conditioning system: creating refrigerant leaks and even forcing you to replace an entire component if the corrosion is bad enough. How can you stop formicary corrosion in your air conditioner? There’s a surprisingly versatile way.

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