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Common Furnace Blower Problems

Friday, January 16th, 2015

There are multiple components in your furnace, but there are three that have the majority of the work when it comes to heating your home: the burner, the heat exchanger and the blower. Today we’re going to talk about common blower problems as any issue with your blower can affect the quantity and quality of the warm air that gets blown into your home.

What Is a Blower?

The job of the blower is to push the warm air generated by the burner and heat exchanger (or heating element, in the case of an electric furnace) into your home. A special device called a limit switch keeps track of the temperature of the air around the heat exchanger so that the blower only turns on when the air is warm enough; otherwise, you would have cool air blowing through your vents. The blower has several components itself: a motor, a belt and fan blades. Each has its own job and when something is wrong with any of these components, it can affect the operation of the blower.

Common Problems

Here are some of the more common problems our technicians see with furnace blowers:

  • Bent/loose fan blades – the fan blades of the blower can become loose, and sometimes if they become loose enough, they can hit other parts surrounding them, and become damaged. While a loose or bent fan blade doesn’t necessarily affect the operation of your fan, a single loose blade can cause damage to items around it.
  • Worn belts – the fan belt in your blower can become cracked, stretched and worn out over time, which will affect the rotation of the fan.
  • Dry ball bearings – there are a number of ball bearings on the blower that help it turn, and they need to stay lubricated; if they don’t, they can grind and cause problems with friction.
  • Motor issues – the motor of the blower is responsible for powering the rotation of the fan, so any problems with the blower will directly affect the operation of the fan.

It may be tempting to repair your blower, but this is never a good idea. Your furnace repairs in Glendale should always be handled by trained and certified experts, so call the ones you can trust: AZ Air Conditioning and Heating.

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