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Insulation Is a Boon for Winter and Summer Alike

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

We rarely think about insulation for our homes in Southern California, especially in towns like Thousand Oaks, CA where summers are long and hot. Insulation is generally considered useful for winters only, and with our winters being so mild, a number of homes in the area lack proper insulation.

Now is the time to add more, not only because winter is coming, but because it can pay equally huge dividends in the summer. Here’s how.

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Insulation Isn’t Just for the Winter

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Summers can be truly brutal here in Thousand Oaks, CA, and because of that, we tend to rely on our air conditioners to see us through. But you can help your air conditioner a great deal simply by looking at other aspects of your household, and whether they can be improved. In particular, there’s the question of insulation. We don’t usually have a lot of insulation in our homes in Southern California because our winters are so mild. But insulation isn’t just for the winter, and by adding more, you could easily help your air conditioner do it’s job more effectively.

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Improve Your Energy Efficiency Today

Monday, September 28th, 2015

We live in Los Angeles, CA, which means long, hot summers and mild, short winters. Because of that, a number of Southern California homes aren’t as energy efficient as they might be. Most people assume that energy efficiency means insulation and that insulation only matters in areas with cold winters. Not so. Keeping cool air inside during the summer is just as important as keeping warm air in in the winter, and you may be surprised how much more energy efficient your home can become with just a few simple installations to improve yours. We’ve included a brief list below.

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How Important is Your Insulation?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

When you think of insulation in the home, you may immediately think of winter. After all, insulation plays a critical role in keeping your home warm during the coldest days of the year—that much is true. But the fact of the matter is that your insulation affects your home throughout the entire year. The reason for this is fairly simple: as a thermal barrier, insulation gives you the ability to control the natural flow from hot to cold. Thermal energy always seeks out colder areas, and it continues to do so, when given the opportunity.

Insulation is a thermal barrier, frequently made out of fiberglass and other materials, that allows you to control the way that your home controls the flow of heat. During the winter, you’re not actually preventing cold air from getting in, but rather your heated air from getting out. Vice versa, during the summer, insulation is there not to prevent cold air from getting out, but to prevent hot air from getting in. All materials bear thermal properties, but few are as effective as those specially designed to act as functional thermal barriers in residential homes.

These include standard batted insulation that comes in large rolls designed to fit within standard wall, flooring and ceiling framing, but it also includes blown-in and spray foam insulation that are often preferred, especially in cases when retrofitting is an absolute necessity. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or you’re renovating, insulation is one of the most critical parts of the process. With building regulations and practices being what they are, it’s hard to imagine what an uninsulated building would be like today, but you’d probably not like to be responsible for heating or cooling that space.

Insulation is critical to all homes, but especially to those with whole house HVAC systems. No matter what the energy efficiency rating of your air conditioner or heater may be, it means next to nothing without the proper insulation to keep that heated air indoors in January, and keep that hot air outside in July. We can answer all of your questions when it comes to insulation products and services. Call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for reliable insulation service in Los Angeles.

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