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Use a UV Air Purifier to Cut Down on Colds This Winter

Monday, February 13th, 2017

We live in a very warm climate here in the Southland, and even our winters are unusually mild. But that doesn’t mean you won’t still be facing other common winter problems, like colds and flu bugs. We get them here just like everywhere else does, and they’re not any less aggravating just because we’re not buried in snow. Luckily, there’s something you can do to protect your family from colds and flu bugs: the installation of a UV air purifier in your home.

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UV Air Purifiers Mean Healthier Housholds

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Clean air benefits every household in the Los Angeles, CA area, but it especially helps households with sensitive family members. That can include homes with a newborn infant, homes with elderly residents, and homes with people suffering from asthma or similar conditions. The more you can protect such family members from germs, colds, and viruses, the better off they will be. And if you’re looking for a secret weapon in that fight, we have something that will fit perfectly: a UV air purifier.

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What is a UV Air Purifier?

Monday, November 9th, 2015

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie: a UV air purifier. In point of fact, though, these remarkable devices are very much a part of our reality and can do wonders for homes that want to improve their indoor air quality. With warm weather lasting deeper into the year here in Los Angeles, CA, bacteria, germs and similar concerns are constant issues here. A UV air purifier could be your most potent weapon in battling them. Here’s a quick breakdown on how it all works.

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