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Commercial Thermostat Services in Los Angeles, CA by AZ Air Conditioning and Heating

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A thermostat, on the surface, appears to be a simple device. It serves as a switch that turns the heating and cooling system for a commercial building on and off. Most thermostats are small and designed to look as unobtrusive as possible against the walls. But this simplicity is an illusion: without properly working thermostats, a commercial heating and cooling system will either not work at all, or work inefficiently and run up costs while driving down comfort. The network of the various thermostats throughout a commercial space is also complicated and relies on keeping an ideal balance in order to provide optimum environmental conditions and energy efficiency.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating provides services for commercial thermostats in Los Angeles, CA that take into account their crucial role for day–to–day comfort. We offer experience with commercial HVAC systems that will make sure you have the best functioning thermostats possible: we provide installation, repairs, and replacements for a wide variety of thermostat models. Give us a call today and we will deliver you the assistance you need.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers high quality service for commercial thermostats in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.


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Choosing the Right Commercial Thermostat

The technology of commercial heating and cooling advances with each year, and changes in thermostats are among the most pronounced. Thermostats have come a long way since the days of manual sliders that were often inaccurate and had no programming features. If your office building still has manual thermostat units, or non–programmable digital ones, now is the time for you to upgrade. You’ll receive better comfort and experience large energy savings.

The most important quality to look for in a new commercial thermostat is programmability. Current thermostat models offer programming much more flexible than simple "morning" and "evening" settings. You can lay out programs for the whole week to fit the changes in your business, allowing you 24–hour control over when heating and cooling turns on. Full programmability means everyone can arrive to work to find a comfortable space, without any unnecessary overnight power drain.

Smart thermostats are an even more significant advance. These thermostats develop their own programming to maximize comfort and savings based on analyzing your patterns for heating and cooling. Smart thermostats also provide data on energy savings to help you plan in the future. You can manipulate most smart thermostat models through Wi–Fi, which means you can access control over the building’s comfort and energy use from any place you have an Internet connection, through a laptop, computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Contact AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for Commercial Thermostat Service

Do not underestimate the importance of thermostats in your business. Even a small miscalibration can increase your monthly bills. Whenever you notice anything amiss with your heating and cooling or with your energy costs, contact professionals to look into the issue and find out if your thermostats are at fault. Repairs and replacements for thermostats are one of the easier and less disruptive jobs that professionals can do for your commercial HVAC system.

When you contact AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for commercial thermostat service, you’ll receive work from licensed and qualified commercial HVAC specialists. Trust to us to take care of your comfort and energy efficiency for your company in Los Angeles, CA.

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