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    More Benefits

    The HVAC and plumbing systems in your home play a crucial role in daily comfort and convenience. It’s important to keep your air conditioning working during the lengthy hot season in Lomita, CA, the heater ready for the occasional cold nights, and the plumbing working every day of the year to bring in freshwater and remove wastewater. The best way to have assurance that all these systems will work when you need them is to call on professionals at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We offer comprehensive services for air conditioning, heating, and plumbing throughout the area, and have for more than 30 years.

    Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Lomita, CA?

    It would be hard to make it through a single week in the summer, let alone through the whole year, without a central air conditioning system in a home. AZ Air Conditioning and Heating provides complete AC services, including new system installation, targeted repairs, and routine maintenance. We think that you deserve to have the most pleasant environment in your home in Lomita, CA no matter how high the temperature rises, and we have the experienced staff that can bring you that comfort.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

    We have many high quality products for AC installation, including ductless air conditioning systems and various thermostats that will make your new system work at its best. Contact us today to get started on the process of putting in the right cooling system for your home.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

    When an AC starts to stutter, have trouble turning on, begins to develop ice over its coils, or seems to be blowing out warmer air than usual, you should never hesitate to call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. The sooner you call our technicians for AC repair, the faster you’ll have your cooling restored and the lower chance you’ll encounter an expensive system breakdown in the future.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Our air conditioning technicians are glad to help you prevent repairs and provide your AC with the longest service life possible. All you have to do is contact them and ask about our regular maintenance program. We will take it from there, bringing you annual inspections and check–ups that will keep your air conditioner from rapid aging, malfunctions, and money–wasting inefficient performance.

    Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services in Lomita, CA?

    Although it may be hard to imagine during the soaring heat of summer that you may ever need a heating system in Lomita, CA, those cold days will eventually arrive. When they do, you’ll be thankful that you have the services of AZ Air Conditioning and Heating to help you keep the heater in proper shape to maintain warmth for your family. Call us today for installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance for a wide variety of heating systems.

    We Offer Heating Repair

    Professionals are vital for repairing broken heating systems. Amateur and DIY work risks injuries (especially with gas–powered heaters) and will create further repair complications and loss of efficiency. Always turns to trained technicians, such as the ones on staff at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, to take care of the work fast and right the first time.

    Types of Furnaces We Offer and Service

    Furnaces have a long history; the current types that are the most common for homes are the gas furnace and the electric furnace. These types can handle the heating needs of almost any residence. Our technicians in Lomita install, repair, and maintain many kinds of electric and gas furnace: call them for whatever you need for your furnace.

    Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Lomita, CA?

    The heat sealing from the insulation on your home is an important part of maintaining energy efficiency, both in winter and in summer. But as a side effect, your home will receive less fresh air circulation, which can result in air that is too stuffy, too dry, or filled with too many contaminating particles. For better indoor comfort and health for your household in Lomita, CA, call on AZ Air Conditioning and Heating and let our indoor air quality experts find solutions. We have many quality products and the skills to install them.

    We Offer Air Purifiers

    To get rid of the majority of unhealthy particles in your air, a professionally installed air purifier is an excellent solution. Rely on our IAQ specialists to find the right kind of electronic or UV air purifier to eliminate the contaminants that are circulating through your HVAC system and into your living spaces.

    We Offer Humidifiers

    If the air in your home is too dry—a common trouble in Southern California—you should consider calling us to install a whole–house humidifier. Small portable humidifiers can provide decent service for a single room, but it takes a full–sized unit integrated into the HVAC system to effectively provide your home with comfortable and healthy indoor humidity levels throughout.

    We Offer Dehumidifiers

    Should your home suffer from the opposite problem—air that is too humid—you will also need our assistance. A properly sized and installed whole–house dehumidifier will balance out the humidity level so you won’t need to continually run the AC to overcome the extra discomfort, and it will also reduce the growth of mold and the development of damaging wood rot.

    Are You in the Market for a New Water Heater in Lomita, CA?

    How much do you and your household members depend on hot running water during a single day? Try to imagine going through an ordinary day without hot water, and you’ll understand just how important a hot water heater is. AZ Air Conditioning and Heating specializes in service for water heaters, including water heater maintenance, installation of many types of systems, and the right repairs whenever they are necessary. Make us your go–to company in Lomita, CA for your water heater needs.

    We Offer Water Heater Installation

    A water heater will not last forever, and when it comes time for water heater replacement, call our professionals to have the work done fast and the best new system put in. If you want to change out a standard tank water heater for an electric water heater or a solar water heater, we can do that as well. If you are moving into a new home, contact us for new water heater installation so the house gets off to the best start.

    We Offer Water Heater Repair

    If you turn on your hot water taps and find that the water won’t grow warm, or the rusty discoloration comes out, you probably have a serious malfunction in your water heater. Call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for repairs, and don’t wait! At any sign a water heater isn’t working as it should, you should have professionals look into the trouble before the trouble turns much worse and more expensive to repair.

    The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

    You have many different options for water heater installation, more than ever before. A tankless water heater offers some excellent benefits to consider: far less energy consumption than standards system, extended service life, and a hot water supply that will not run out. Talk to our water heater professionals about installation a tankless water heater in your home in Lomita and they will tell you more about the benefits.

    Are You in Need of a Local Plumber or Professional Plumbing Services in Lomita, CA?

    A professional plumber is invaluable when it comes to keeping your home a pleasant, convenient place. When pipes start to leak, or when you need to expand the plumbing, you cannot attempt any of the work yourself: put your trust in the training and tools of the plumbers at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating in Lomita, CA. Our services are comprehensive and we aim for your complete satisfaction. We handle plumbing with the same dedication to professionalism as we do for residential heating and cooling. Our technicians are available for emergency service, so no matter if you have a plumbing, heating, or cooling emergency, you can reach us for fast help.

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