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Why Is Air Conditioning Sizing So Important?

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Residents of Los Angeles, CA, know better than to fool around with new air conditioning installation, especially with summer on its way. When installing a new unit, you need to be assured that it functions properly the moment you first turn in on, and a big part of that process is making sure it is sized right. By that, we mean that its power levels match the circumstances of your house: taking into account such factors as square footage, insulation and sunlight exposure. Why is air conditioning sizing so important? Mostly because it will cost you money if performed improperly.

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How do Germicidal Lights Function?

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Here in Los Angeles, CA, air quality is almost as important as temperature control when it comes to your comfort. Toxins in the air, pollen counts, dust and similar conditions can play havoc with your breathing, especially if you have new additions to the family or if anyone in your household suffers from allergies. You might consider installing a UV germicidal light in your system to improve the safety and comfort of your home. But before you make that decision, it’s important to ask “how do germicidal lights function?” and how these in turn can affect your quality of life.

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What are Some Common Drain Pan Problems With Your Air Conditioner?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

We’re barely into May and Los Angeles, CA has already experienced its share of heat waves this year. A good air conditioner is an absolute necessity, and not just in the height of July. You never know when the temperatures are going to spike, and when they do, your air conditioner needs to respond. Among the more common problems AC units suffer is the drain pan, which exists to gather condensate safely. Condensation forms as a natural offshoot of the air conditioning process – moisture in the air becomes liquid when temperatures drop, much like the formation of dew early in the morning – and that condensation needs to be collected and moved out of the system lest it cause a short or more serious problem. What are some of the common drain pan problems with your air conditioner? They usually break down into two separate categories

A Misaligned Pan

In some cases, the pan itself can be knocked off of its housing, usually because of external impacts or events such as an earthquake, or because the bolts holding it have worn out. If it’s tipped or out of alignment, the condensate may spill over and leak out into other systems

Clogs in the Line

Another common problem can involve the drain line itself, which gets clogged with debris over time. If it does, then the condensate will overflow and you have the same problem that comes with a misaligned pan. The good news is that regular maintenance sessions can keep the line free of clogs, but when it happens, it needs to be addressed.

Most air conditioners have a safety feature that shuts the system off before any overflow occurs. This keeps other components safe and saves you from having to replace them, though you still need a technician to fix the problem before it will run again. The experts at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating are here to help, so give us a call today!

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3 Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Monday, May 11th, 2015

A new air conditioning system is a big purchase, and most people would rather squeeze a little more time out of their old system before pulling the trigger on a new one. But if your current system is old and broken down, or you’ve been considering a new one for some time, now is the perfect time to install a new system, before the heat of our Los Angeles, CA summers kicks in in earnest. Why should you install a new AC? Here are 3 benefits of replacing your air conditioning system that you should consider when making your decision.

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Why Is There Frost on My Air Conditioning Coils?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

If you’ve ever looked inside your air conditioning unit, you may have spotted a coating of frost on the coils. At first, this may seem perfectly normal. Air conditioners cool the air, after all, so why shouldn’t there be a little frost involved? In truth, however, it’s the sign of a significant problem, and with summer on its way here in Los Angeles, CA, it’s something you want to treat sooner rather than later. “Why is there frost on my air conditioning coils?” you ask. It’s likely that the refrigerant in your system is too low.

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