Homeowners today are more concerned than ever with maintaining a healthy household. One danger that can threaten health as well as comfort in a home is contamination inside the water coming from the municipal system. Indoor water can contain chemicals and minerals such as chlorine, heavy metals, magnesium, calcites, sodium, nitrates, arsenic, and various pesticides. There are ways of combating and eliminating these pollutants: specialists can install a whole–house water treatment system such as a reverse osmosis filter or a water softener. But first the specialists must know what is actually affecting the water, since different homes will have different issues.

This is where expert water testing is invaluable. When you schedule water testing, you learn through scientific methods exactly what is in your water supply, and suggestions for how you can fix it. Water testing must come from trained professionals, and you will find the right people to handle the task at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles, CA. We offer many installations of water treatment systems, so you can trust that we will help you with whatever our testing discovers about your water.

To schedule professional water testing in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, call the team at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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Why You Should Schedule Professional Water Testing

The list above of all the contaminants that might be in your home’s water sounds a bit intimidating. However, it’s rare that so many pollutants affecting a single water supply. But there is a strong chance that you have some level of contaminants in the water that comes from your taps and goes to your appliances. Finding out what there contaminants are is the job of water testing technicians.

There are a few specific cases where it is particularly important to arrange for water testing. If you notice an increase in illnesses among people in your household, you should try to rule out water contamination as a source, or find out what you can do to improve the water quality. If you draw your water from a well rather than a municipal source, you are receiving water that hasn’t gone through any treatment and has a higher likelihood of containing high alkalinity and pesticides.

You should also arrange for water testing if you have suspicions about the quality of your water because it tastes or smells odd. If you notice flaky substances on fixtures or white film across the bathtub or shower, you should also arrange to have the content of the water checked.

How Water Quality Testing Is Done

The process of testing for water is simple and will not take up much of your time. After you arrange for the service with our water quality professionals, they will arrive at your residence on the appointed day and take samples of water from different places around the house. This representative sample then goes to a lab, where it is tested for sodium, pH levels, chemicals, heavy metals, hardness, and other pollutants. A week later, we will provide you with detailed results, as well as advice on what water treatment systems will help you eliminate the problems.

We Offer Water Testing in Los Angeles, CA

We care about the quality of the water that your family uses every day, and one of our goals at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating is to help families in the Los Angeles, CA area enjoy the best quality water in their homes. If you think it’s time to improve the water for your household, arrange testing services with us.

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