It may seem that using a central heating and air conditioning system is an “all or nothing” proposition: whenever the system turns on, it sends cooled or heated air to every room connected to the ducts. You’ll receive the comfort you need, but you will also end up providing comfort to areas that don’t actually require it at the time.

There is an alternative, however, and it doesn’t involve changing over to a completely new HVAC system. It’s called zone control, and the professionals at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles, CA can install a zone control system either as part of a new heating and cooling installation or as a retro–fit onto your existing system. Call our team today and find out more about how we can outfit your home to enjoy the many benefits for a zone control system.

Are you interested in a zone control system for your home? Or do you need repairs for your current one? Call the heating and cooling experts at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating today to arrange for service in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.

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How Zone Heating and Zone Air Conditioning Work

A zone control system is integrated into the ventilation system that connects to a forced–air heater and air conditioner. The components consist of a set of dampers that can close off airflow to specific parts of the ventilation network. Installers fit the dampers into the ducts, putting in as many as are necessary to create the number of “zones” in a home. (For example, one very simple configuration is to have one zone for the upstairs and one for the downstairs; but there could also be as many zones as there are rooms.) The dampers connect, usually wirelessly, to zone thermostats that can manipulate them independently of the others. In turn, all the dampers connect to a central control panel that permits a homeowner to change the damper settings throughout the rooms.

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Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling

Having greater control over the regulation of temperatures around a house has a number of advantages. Such as:

  • Energy savings: If you have a large enough house, many rooms in it will have no need of heating or cooling for long stretches. You shouldn’t have to waste power providing air conditioning during the summer to an empty guest room. Nor should you need to provide warmth during a cold night to large spaces, like a dining room, that have no one in them. Your savings with zone control can be large enough to pay for the installation in no time at all.
  • Comfort customized for rooms: Not every room requires the same level of heating or cooling; depending on what the room is used for, it may benefit from temperatures above or below the average of the rest of the house. A kitchen often need to be cooler, as does a home gym, while a baby’s room or a large living room space with large windows needs greater warmth. Zone control provides this flexibility to tailor the temperature to the purpose of each room.
  • Individual comfort: Do people in your house often fight over what the right temperature is? It’s hard to make everyone happy, because comfort is different from person to person. With the local thermostats of a zone control system, anyone can adjust the temperature wherever they are to suit their own comfort needs.

Call Us for Service for Zone Control Systems

Installing the dampers and hooking up the thermostats for a zone control system is a complex process, regardless of whether it is part of a new HVAC installation or is being put into an existing ventilation network. It is important that you call on heating and cooling experts with the appropriate training and equipment to take on the work. You will also need to contact these experts when anything should go wrong with the zone control that will require repairs. Let AZ Air Conditioning and Heating in LA help you with all the work you need done to have a great zone control system that improves your heating and cooling.

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