One of the problems that homeowners face today with contemporary houses is that these buildings are constructed to maintain a tight heat seal for the purposes of energy efficiency: heat remains trapped inside during cold weather, and it is kept outside in hot weather. But why is this a problem? It prohibits the free circulation of fresh air. Instead, the air inside cycles through the HVAC system and becomes stale and loaded with dust, dirt, and other contamination. The result is a decline in indoor air quality, and with it a decline in comfort and health for those inside the house.

There are ways to alleviate such issues, however, and you will find many of them at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. Chief among them are air filtration systems, which professionals can fit into your HVAC system to remove most polluting particles. (Although furnaces and air conditioners contain air filters, these filters are not designed to clean the indoor air, but protect the inside of the heater/cooler.) Contact us in Los Angeles, CA to arrange for indoor air quality specialists to fit your home with an air filtration system that will give your whole family better comfort and health.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers installation, repairs, and maintenance for air filtration systems in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. Call today to arrange for service.

Types of Air Filters to Consider

Air Filtration System

Air filters come in many types and strengths. The MERV rating determines how well a particular filter traps contamination; most residential filters have a MERV rating between 8 and 13. It’s important for you to have professionals determine the right MERV rating for your home, or else one that is too powerful could end up blocking airflow from the heater and air conditioner, running up your bills while delivering inferior comfort.

There are two broad categories of air filtration systems available:

  • Mechanical filters: These are the basic air filters that consist of a mat of fibers which prevent contaminating particles from passing through. Mechanical filters work very effectively, and they require no extra power and are easy to replace when necessary.
  • Electrostatic filters: These are filters that clean the air passing through them by using the power of static electricity. An electric charge moves through the fibers, and this attracts particles to them and traps them. Although not suitable for all situations, electrostatic air filters can usually do a more effective job at removing particles from the air in a home than mechanical filters.

We Service and Install Systems for Air Filtration in Los Angeles, CA

It is crucial that you do not simply purchase an air filter from a store or online and then try to put it in yourself. You risk damaging your heater and air conditioner if you place in an air filtration system that is too powerful and ends up impeding the airflow. Or you might end up with a weak filter that fails to stop the contamination that it is supposed to. When you call on professional indoor air quality technicians, you’ll feel confident that you will receive the right air filters, and they will be installed correctly.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating installs different air filtration systems in LA and the surrounding areas, and we also offer the regular service the filters need to continue to perform their useful function cleaning the air that you and your family breathe every day. Call our IAQ team today to get started.

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