Modern homes (indeed, most modern buildings) have a dilemma when it comes to energy efficiency and indoor air quality: it is difficult to achieve both at the same time. The heavy insulation on a home is important to prevent heat loss and gain, and in Los Angeles, CA it is particularly important during the numerous hot days of the year to keep heat from moving inside a home. Proper insulation is one of the keys to lessening the amount of work that an air conditioning system must do. However, this seal against the outside results in stale and stuffy air developing inside; there simply isn’t enough fresh air circulation. Opening up windows and doors helps—but that makes the HVAC system work even harder.

There is a way to solve this problem, however: call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating and have our indoor air quality professionals install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) in your home. We’ll explain what these are and how they can help your household. Contact us for further details.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating specializes in installing and servicing energy recovery ventilators in Los Angeles, CA.

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What an ERV System Does

Lennox ERV Ventilator

An energy recovery ventilator is a device that a professional installs into the ventilation system of a home. The ERV connects to the heater/AC on one side and to an outdoor vent on the other. The ERV draws in a current of fresh outdoor air and another of stale indoor air. The two currents run through each other, and via a process called counter–flow heat exchange, heat transfers from one current to the other. What this does is “pre–condition” the outside air before it reaches the heater or air conditioner. If the outdoor air is cold, it gains heat and becomes warmer, making the heater’s job easier. If the outdoor air is warm, it loses heat to the other current and cools down, making the AC’s job easier.

The Benefits of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

An ERV achieves a number of functions at once:

  • Lower bills: Energy is lost whenever a door or window to the outside opens. The ERV recovers around 85% of what would be lost otherwise, and this will make a big difference on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Humidity control: Moisture transfers between the two air currents along with heat, and that means that humidity inside the home will become more balanced.
  • Higher indoor air quality: An ERV allows you to sweep out the stuffy, unpleasant, and dusty indoor air and introduce fresh air, without a drop in comfort or a spike in bills.

Call Us for Energy Recovery Ventilator Services

You cannot simply purchase an ERV off of a store shelf and put it in your home. These devices must have professionals to install them. The experts must also make sure that you receive the right unit for your home, or it will not make any difference.

ERVs will need occasional inspections, and sometimes might require repairs. Make sure you turn to professionals to handle this work as well.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating takes your family’s comfort and health seriously, which is why we offer a range of indoor air quality services in Los Angeles, CA. Give us a call if you are interested in installation or other services for an energy recovery ventilator.

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