Dehumidifiers and humidifiers in Los Angeles, California, help your household feel more comfy with the thermostat at an energy-efficient setting.

A whole-home humidifier or whole-home dehumidifier works with your HVAC device, so you don’t have to move a portable unit from room to room. Or worry about spilling water.

A humidifier can help reduce dry air in your residence during winter months. As well as the respiratory concerns and chapped skin it can cause.

Air that’s correctly humidified feels warmer. This means that you can set your thermostat lower—and probably save more on heating expenses.

When there’s high humidity in the summer, a whole-home dehumidifier erases moisture from your residence’s air. This makes your house feel cooler with a higher thermostat setting, possibly saving you more on your cooling bill.

Plenty of our humidity offerings work with any brand or model of HVAC system. Contact us at 800-296-5088 today and we’ll help you pick the right equipment for your residence.

Dehumidifier vs. Humidifier—Which One to Select for Your Home

With numerous types of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to choose from, it can be difficult knowing what’s right for your requirements. Here’s how you can determine if you need to add or remove moisture from your residence’s air.

When Do I Need a Dehumidifier?

There are several signs that you have excess moisture in your house:

  • Rooms feel muggy or smell musty.
  • Paint is flaking, cracking or has condensation spots.
  • Mold and mildew growth.
  • Windows have excessive condensation.
  • Running your air conditioner more regularly to make your home feel more comfortable.

When Do I Need a Humidifier?

Arid climates or wintertime in any location can cause issues indoors. Too much dry air can create:

  • Respiratory problems, like a sore throat or irritated nasal passages.
  • Dry skin and chapped lips.
  • Excessive static shock.
  • Damage to wood flooring or furnishings.

Make Your House More Comfortable with Humidity Control

Whole-home humidity control can make you feel more comfortable and may even help decrease your energy bills. Call us at 800-296-5088 or contact us online to learn more.

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