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Problems with Cooling? Look to Thermostat Placement

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Does your air conditioner always seem to struggle, no matter what steps you take to help it perform at its best? That can be a big problem here in Burbank, CA, especially as spring turns to summer and the mercury starts to climb. There are a number of reasons why an air conditioner won’t perform the way you need it to — anything form a faulty component to a large house to an aging an inefficient system. But one common cause is often overlooked, and it has nothing to do with the system itself. Your thermostat may be in a poor location in the house, causing it to misread the temperature and turn on and off at inopportune times. The good news is that — assuming that’s the case — then a trained technician can move it very easily to a part of the house that more accurately reflects the temperature.

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Let Your Thermostat Help You Save Money This Summer

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Los Angeles, CA gets hot every summer and we’re not just talking about the latest blockbuster. Everyone in the Southland needs air conditioning, but while cool comfortable air is absolutely necessary this summer, no one likes paying the exorbitant monthly costs of doing so. So while you need your air conditioner to be in top shape, you also need to look for ways to help you cut into those costs.

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3 Benefits of Modern Thermostats

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Thermostats are pretty reliable devices, and we don’t tend to put much thought into them except during those rare times when they malfunction. That allows us to keep ours for a long, long time, and some homes in Los Angeles, CA may still be happily using old-fashioned mercury thermostats from 50 years ago. But while you might not need to replace your thermostat this fall, the advances and upgrades made in the technology can provide significant boons that could improve the quality of life for you and your family. Here are 3 benefits to modern thermostats that you should consider.

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Common Problems with Your Thermostat

Monday, June 29th, 2015

The thermostat acts as the control board for your heating and air conditioning system, allowing you to tailor the indoor temperature to fit your comfort levels. That involves a series of different tasks: detecting the existing temperature accurately, turning the system on and off to correct it, and knowing when the air conditioner or heater has done its work. In Los Angeles, CA, you can’t afford to wait long to call a repair technician when problems arise: not with triple-degree temperatures bearing down on us almost every day. Here are some common problems with your thermostat you should look for.

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Replace Your Thermostat for More Efficient Cooling

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Oftentimes, when you replace an air conditioning system, your technician does not also replace the thermostat. This means that you may still have the same thermostat that you had many, many years ago. And while it may still get an effective reading of the temperature in the room, your thermostat may be contributing to higher energy costs each month (or, at least, not helping to lower them). We recommend replacing an older thermostat with a more efficient model with advanced programming settings that help you to save whether you are home or not.

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How a Faulty Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Thermostats can malfunction just as easily as any other component in your HVAC system. A thermostat can malfunction for a number of reasons, but no matter the cause, the result can be problems for you and your air conditioning system. While thermostat repair is not as intricate as finding a refrigerant leak, it’s still important to call for a professional. With AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, you can rely on our trained technicians to repair any malfunctioning thermostat in your home.

What Happens When a Thermostat Malfunctions?

There are a few ways a malfunctioning thermostat can adversely affect your air conditioning system:

  • Short-cycling – a thermostat “short-cycles” when it turns off and on too frequently. Short-cycling can cause damage to your system and increase the level of wear and tear.
  • Problems with energy efficiency – if your thermostat is reading the temperature incorrectly, this can lead to an increase in energy usage.
  • Lack of comfort – a malfunctioning thermostat can make your indoors feel uncomfortable by providing too much or too little cooling; humidity levels may also be affected.

Most Common Problems with Thermostats

Here are some of the most common problems our technicians see when it comes to thermostat repairs:

  • Dirt and dust in thermostat – dirt and dust can get into the instrumentation of your thermostat and hamper its operation. Having the thermostat cleaned by your technician should resolve these problems.
  • Thermostat isn’t level – your thermostat needs to be level in order to work properly. If it is tilting to one side or another, the technician will make it level.
  • Drafts surround the thermostat – if your thermostat is in a drafty area, the drafty air can affect the how the thermostat reads the air temperature; this can result in faulty readings. Placing the thermostat in a better location can alleviate this problem.

Thermostats aren’t the most complicated component of your air conditioning system, but that doesn’t mean that can’t cause serious problems. If you are seeing the signs of a potentially faulty thermostat, call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating today and schedule AC service in Los Angeles with one of our experts.

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