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Commercial Heating in Los Angeles, CA by AZ Air Conditioning and Heating

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A year in Los Angeles, CA contains numerous hot days, but it has its share of cold ones as well. LA may not experience snowstorms, but the chill in the air during the colder months can make the inside of an office building, restaurant, private school, retail store, or other commercial space quite unpleasant. The low temperatures can affect worker productivity and make for unhappy customers, clients, and tenants.

You need a viable heating system to keep back the cold weather. AZ Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help you with installing, repairing, and maintaining a durable HVAC system in your commercial space so it stays warm. We provide comprehensive services for commercial heating, starting with helping you select the best new heater for your company. Our technicians are ready to assist you with any concern you may have. Contact our commercial HVAC experts today and let us put our decades of experience to work making your company as successful as possible.

The commercial HVAC professionals at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services for commercial heating in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas.


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Why You Need Commercial Heater Service from Professionals

When it comes to warming up a commercial space—such as a grocery store, an office building, a medical practice, or an apartment complex—you cannot rely on either amateurs or professionals who only know residential heating. Every job done on commercial heating requires specialists who understand the demands of business spaces. For example, when installing a new heater, it’s vital that the technicians calculate the heat load for such a large space and account for all the people who can potentially be in the space as well as all the heat generated by the equipment. The heating systems needed for the commercial world are far more intricate and expansive than any that serve private homes. Make sure you depend on commercial experts, such as those at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, for any of your business venture’s heating requirements.

We Offer Commercial Heating Repairs and Maintenance

Is your office building filled with cold spots that have your employees constantly complaining? Is the heater for your restaurant making odd and disruptive noises? Has your retail store’s heater suddenly stopped working? For any of these situations, call on AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for rapid repair work that will get your company back on track for everyone inside it.

Our technicians also offer routine maintenance that will give your heating system a thorough check–up once a year (usually during fall) to see that it isn’t suffering from early deterioration or need any preventive repair work. Thanks to annual maintenance, your company’s heater will retain most of its energy efficiency for its entire service life—and that will help the bottom line year after year.

We Offer Commercial Thermostat Services

The thermostats in a commercial space are an essential part of making the HVAC work as it should, and work efficiently so that you save money. Contact us if you need new thermostats for your company, or repairs for your current one.


Contact AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for Your Commercial Heating Needs

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating is proud of the range of services we provide throughout the Los Angeles, CA area for both residential and commercial heating. We have dedicates ourselves to bringing the highest quality service for heating to businesses in the city for more than 30 years. Our technicians are of the highest caliber and are certified to supply you with work that will keep your commercial space comfortable throughout the year, helping you maintain a profitable of pleasant business environment. If you are interested in replacing an aging heating system, need a heater for a move into a new location, require fast repairs to restore warmth, or want to enroll in regular maintenance, we are the people to call.

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