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Commercial Air Purifier Services in Los Angeles, CA by AZ Air Conditioning and Heating

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Is the quality of the air in your business not what you want it to be? If you have low–quality air, it is likely because of a collection of dust and other debris circulating through your air with no escape to the outside. But you don’t have to simply accept these conditions, or throw open doors and windows, causing your HVAC system to lose efficiency. You can instead arrange for the installation of a commercial air purifier.

AZ Air Conditioning and Heating has helped many businesses in Los Angeles, CA improve their indoor air quality, and we can do the same for your business. Contact us today to find out more about the air purification systems that we offer and which one will do the ideal job to protect your businesses comfort and profitability.

Do you need commercial air purifier services in Los Angeles, CA or the surrounding areas? AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers installations, repairs, and replacements for quality commercial air purification systems.


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What Do Commercial Air Purifiers Do?

The basic idea behind an air purifier is to remove particles of contamination from the air that circulates through the HVAC system of a business. As air continues to move through the return and supply ducts of a heater and air conditioner, it begins to pick up dust, dirt, dander, fibers, and even more unpleasant contaminants. The right purifier will eliminate more than 99% of these health and comfort threats from the air.

There are a number of different kinds of air purifiers available for businesses:

  • Mechanical air filters: These are the basic types of filters that trap contaminants in a mesh of fibers. If properly size for a space, they will take care of most pollutants in the air. Many businesses use HEPA filters, which are well–known for increasing healthy conditions inside a building—especially medical ones.
  • Electronic air filters: Mechanical filters can often let the smallest particles escape them, such as gases, chemicals, and odor molecules. Electronic air purifiers can handle these contaminants, however, by using the power of ionization to draw down the tiniest particles and trap them on plates.
  • UV air purifiers: If your commercial space is experiencing trouble with molds, microbacteria, and viruses, one of the best solutions is to have a UV (ultraviolet) air purifier installed. These devices use high frequency ultraviolet irradiation from UV lamps to destroy the cellular material of organic pollutants, safely cleaning the air.

Finding the Right Commercial Air Purifiers

Of the different types of air purifiers available for commercial use, which one is the ideal fit for your business venture’s requirements? It depends on the type of contamination in your air, the size of the space, and the type of heating and cooling system you have. An experienced professional with extensive knowledge of commercial indoor air quality is necessary to help you make the determination. The professionals can find out what sort of pollutants you need eliminated, and then select an air purification or filtration system that will do the job without causing problems for your heater or air conditioner leading to inefficiency or a decline in comfort.


Rely on Us for Commercial Air Purifier Services in Los Angeles, CA

To get started with achieving the best indoor air quality for your company as possible, call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We will take care of identifying the airborne contaminants that are troubling your commercial space and then install the air purifier that will target them. We also offer our services to repair and replace malfunctioning air purifiers and to keep them maintained so they continue to function as they should. Look to our expert technicians for any commercial indoor air quality work your business in Los Angeles, CA needs.

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