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Plumbing troubles can cost you on your water bill and in wreckage to your home.

When you need skilled plumbing services in Los Angeles, California, trust the local pros at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating.

Our expert plumbers offer a variety of solutions, from water drip repair to water heater installation. Our team members come in a fully prepared service van supported by an in-house components warehouse. This makes certain we’ll be able to get your system functioning quicker.

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12 Signs Need to Call a Plumber

Some plumbing challenges, like a burst pipe, are straightforward. A few aren’t as blatant but have the potential to inflict a lot of destruction in your house.

While you may intend to mend some of these plumbing concerns on your own, you could end up making them worse in most cases. Professional plumbers have experienced specialized instruction and have years of hands-on expertise.

Below are a a handful of issues that require the assistance of a local pro like AZ Air Conditioning and Heating.

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Water Leakage

1. Leaking Pipes

In the winter, water can freeze inside your pipes and cause pipes to break. A burst pipe can cause water overflow and significant water damage in your home if it’s not mended as soon as possible.

If you have a broken pipe, the first step is to turn off your home’s water reserve. You’ll complete this at the main water shutoff valve, which is usually situated in your utility room. Moving the spigot clockwise will stop the water.

Then contact our team at 800-296-5088 now. Regardless if it’s behind a barrier, in your backyard or beneath your home’s foundation, we’ll be able to uncover the broken pipe and mend it straight away.

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2. Water Payments Keep Increasing

If you don’t use additional water than typical and your payment duplicates, there’s a good probability you have a water leakage. Sometimes your dues will rise just a little bit. It’s tougher to catch but will generally become more evident as the leak gets bigger.

It can be tough to find a water leak without professional help. Although you can check your water meter to determine if the leak is indoors or outdoors.

moldy ceiling icon

3. Fungus is Emerging on Walls, Ceilings or Floors

Some fungus is usual in humid spaces like bathrooms. Although it’s not common to discover large quantities accumulating on a non-shower wall, the ceiling or on baseboards, particularly if these areas feel pliant to the touch.

damaged walls icon

4. Walls, Ceiling or Floors are Disintegrating

A leaking pipe can make walls, ceilings and floors to feel supple or droop. It can also leave water blemishes on areas.

These problems can exist in areas with deficient venting or high humidity. However it is particularly problematic if you are experiencing other signs of a leaky pipe, like mildew or moldy smells.

musty smell icon

5. Bad Smell

Sitting water can make an area smell like mildew. If the room also has wet walls or floors, you may have a water issue.

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Different Plumbing Problems

6. Backflow Within Your Sink or Toilet

Your plumbing can back up sewer water and cause disrepair when the water force drops in your home. This can be caused by a damaged backflow preventer, sewer line damage or other municipal complications. Call our experts at 800-296-5088 at the first indication of backflow and we’ll get it back to working quickly.

poor water pressure icon

7. Water Pressure is Low

A few things can be wrong when your water pressure is low. There could be a clog in your plumbing fixture. It could also be caused by a broken boiler or a busted pipe.

no hot water icon

8. There’s Never Plentiful Hot Water

If you own a water heater with a tank, it has a finite space for hot water. If you’re getting frigid water when you have not used much warm water, something might be broken. Your hot water tank could be leaking, in need or repair or need to be updated.

slow drain icon

9. Sink or Shower Drains Slowly

A block is most likely to blame when your sink or shower drains too slowly. We’ll use a custom device like a drain snake to unclog and get your fixture draining smoothly again.

running toilet icon

10. Toilet Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet’s tank seal is broken, it will indicate to the tank to continue refilling. A toilet that keeps refilling can suddenly drive up your water dues.

dirty water icon

11. Water is Dirty

Your water should be translucent.

Don’t worry if the liquid comes out off-color once in a while, as this typically just means there’s air in the water store. If you discover dirt settling at the bottom of your glass, we recommend you get your water tank checked.

Water that’s any other color can be harmful to your health. Listed are some issues that could cause your water to be discolored:

  • Brown, red or yellow—This is often caused by a water main break in your area. It may also mean your pipes are deteriorated.
  • Green or blue—This is especially serious, since it means your pipes are likely corroded. Your water could taste brassy or acrid on account of a high amount of copper or lead. Long-term intake has been linked to critical health issues in people of all ages, including intestinal illnesses, cancer and seizures.

If you’re seeing off-color water or particles in your water, contact us at 800-296-5088 and we’ll identify the problem.

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12. Pipes are Making Odd Bangs

It isn’t normal to hear knocking noises in your plumbing units while running water. This means your pipes could be insecure or could be close to dripping.

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At AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer plumbing fixes and installation services that you can rely on. Our experts are here to guide you, so connect with us at 800-296-5088 when you want expert whole-house plumbing services fast.

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