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Packaged Systems

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Make the most of your inside and outdoor space with a packaged system in Los Angeles, California, from AZ Air Conditioning and Heating.

Packaged systems are set up outside, leaving you more appropriate room indoors. You can place one on your rooftop or beside your residence.

We supply various brands, models and fuel configurations, including:

  • Gas/electric
  • Electric
  • Heat pump
  • Dual fuel

Various high-efficiency types we offer meet the requirements for ENERGY STAR® status, which can help you save extra on utility expenses. Any model you buy, you can have contentment it will deliver high-quality pleasure for many years.

Call us at 800-296-5088 to learn more regarding our all-in-one HVAC systems. Our NATE-Certified professionals can help you identify the right system for your wants, whether you’re interested in preserving space, paying less for utilities or both!

3 Benefits of Utilizing a Packaged HVAC Product

Working On A Packaged System
An all-in-one unit delivers many benefits for your house, including:
  1. Maximizing space—HVAC equipment can take up a great deal of space, specifically if you don’t have a basement or large backyard. You can set up a packaged product on your rooftop to free up extra capacity outdoors and indoors.
  2. Improved energy efficiency—A dual-fuel system chooses the economical fuel to meet your heating desires, helping you save more on electricity bills. Some kinds qualify for ENERGY STAR®, which can keep your house more pleasant while probably lessening utility expenses.
  3. Quick access during servicing—Given that a packaged product is put in outside, it provides a large quantity of room for our NATE-Certified professionals to do heating and cooling maintenance.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right All-in-One HVAC System

Call us at 800-296-5088 or connect with us online to get started finding the appropriate all-in-one heating and cooling unit for your residence. We’ll help you determine the appropriate kind for your home’s wishes.

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